Case Study

Now&Me x Therapy

Connect with a verified mental health professional and book therapy seassion at your convenience!


As a mental health brand and product, we are offering singular form of counselling and expressing themselves. Users should be able to talk to therapists on an urgent basis if the person wants to get an expert’s opinion on their health and find solutions to it. There needs to be a monetised aspect to the product which nudges the user to a paid product line that converts them into a paying customer.


  • Provide access to professional help to the users Introduce
  • Monetisation on the platform.
  • Understand user engagement and adoption with therapy as a feature.
Design of App Home Screen
Home Screen

The platform should have a single marketplace to book sessions wherein all therapists are listed. These therapists would be onboarded by the Therapy Operations team basis out reach and communication.

Navigation Design of App

We added all important option in tab br which helps user to easily navigate across different section. Like we made a different section for bookings so that user don’t have to make extra efforts to view all their bookings.

Therapist Details

In this section we show all the important information about the particular therapist. E.g His/Her Education, Therapy Style, Personal Information and Pricing. We use these icons to show the different information and the reason behind using these icons is improve the visibilty and its also helps in understanding the what is information about easily.

Design of App Home Screen
Booking Details

This screen is about the booking details like the date and time of therapy. User can book the session for the upcoming two days.

Navigation Design of App
Booking Confirmation

Here we show a confirmation screen before making the final payment to reduce the wrong selection of date and time.

Payment & Final Booking

Booking a session starts when the user clicks on “Book Now” which shows them an ‘add to cart’ sort of page and has a summary of their booking. On this page there is a CTA of “Confirm and Pay” to go to the payment screen. After payment is done there comes up a screen to show current bookings and so that the user can add them to their calendar.

Design of App Home Screen

User can search the therapist by different way like through their name, specialties and the name of the problem they’re facing.

Navigation Design of App

A user who wants to book the session can filter them according to the language, availability of slot and pricing. This filtering leads to a segmented group of therapists key to the user’s needs.

Work in Progress

And… That’s a wraaaap!

hope you found it useful and informative. Feel free to hit me up on any social media platform if you have any questions. I would be more than happy to have a chat with you.